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Bird of Paradise Care

Introduction Bird of paradise plants (Strelitzia reginae) are a great addition to any tropical garden. They have large, colorful flowers and attractive leaves that can add drama and color to your landscape or indoor space. Like other flowering plants, bird of paradise care is important for ensuring healthy growth and blooms. Below we will explore the requirements of this beautiful plant including light, temperature, watering, fertilizing and more! Light The amount of light your plants need depends on their type. Some plants prefer more light, while others do not require as much. You may be wondering: How do I know how much light my plant needs? If you're growing a houseplant and are unsure about how much sunlight to give...

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Care

Introduction Fiddle leaf figs are a fun and exotic plant to have in your home. Plus, they're actually quite easy to care for if you follow the right steps. In this guide, we'll show you how to keep your fiddle leaf fig happy and healthy! Light In order to thrive, Fiddle Leaf Figs need at least four hours of direct sunlight. If you live in a cool climate and cannot provide this much light, the plant can still be grown indoors—but you'll need to supplement with artificial light for it to do well. A south-facing window is ideal for growing a fiddle leaf fig tree indoors; alternatively, you can place the plant near a large window (or even on an...

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