About Us

We are a latinx-owned online plant shop, based out of Humboldt Park.

Founded in 2016, we started off selling succulents + cacti at various pop up markets + festivals throughout the city. Over the years, we gradually increased and expanded our product line to include a variety of easy/intermediate care houseplants. Around March of 2020, we secured an outdoor space to sell our products from, and were also in the processing of scouting a retail location for the fall. Then...COVID19 happened.

Similar to many other businesses, we found ourselves in unfamiliar terrain. Rather than put ourselves and customers at risk by pursuing normal retail operations, we opted to move to an online only platform. While this isn't an ideal setup, it's the best we can do. 

From our perspective, one of the major issues with typical online plant shopping has been the lack of knowing EXACTLY what plant you're getting. To address this, we spend hours photographing all of our plants, so that you can see each specific plant from a number of angles. While it's very time consuming on our end, we feel that it's worth the effort to showcase the plants, given that we hand pick them from hundreds of boxes each week. 

We hope that you appreciate the effort, and enjoy our selection of plants!