Bird of Paradise Care

Bird of Paradise:

BoP do best with southern/western windows, but unobstructed north/east windows can work. Ideally, it would like 4-6 hours a day of bright light. Winter makes this difficult, so just do your best. If you don’t have even light, it’s okay to rotate the plant every two weeks or so.

Every 10-12 days. Depending on the placement of plant, it might take less/more time for the plant to dry. Ideally, bottom of soil should be slightly wet at all points, but it can dry out for a day or two. If you have it in the original soil, it’s better to slightly underwater, as that soil is really dense.

Prefers medium. If you don’t have a a humidifier, I’d suggest getting one - cheap ones work just fine. Try to keep away from heat vents / cold windows.

General notes
It’s beneficial to wipe the top/bottom of the leaves every few weeks to help prevent pests and remove dust.

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